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  • "That's my carb ! WOW what a difference, the Carb was sprayed silver and was in need of an overhaul. Sent it off to these guys for refurb. Will get the carb back in the next few days and hope to fit it on Saturday, I can't wait bring on the weekend !! Thanks guys. One happy customer !"

    Steve Pescod

  • "As much as I have tried to upload a picture of my Carbs I cant so I can only say that seeing is believing this mans a genius. Thanx again Paul for doing my carbs which everyone said was scrap. I 1000% recommend you to everyone."

    Tony Collins

  • "A friend and I had stripped down and had vapour blasted my twin 40 DCOE carbs. When it came to putting them back together we did not know where to start because there were so many nuts, bolts, washers, jets etc etc mixed up, plus they needed new gaskets and whatever else. I called Paul after seeing a pair of 40 DCOE carbs he was selling on eBay to ask if he would rebuild my pair of 40 DCOE carbs even though they were in this state. As it happened, he was going to the Classic Car Show at the NEC on the same Saturday we were going so we arranged to meet there. After meeting Paul, I handed him my box of carbs in every individual piece imaginable and he told me they would be ready to be delivered back to me by Wednesday. Sure enough, I got a call they were ready. After making payment they arrived on the Saturday. Upon opening the box my eyes were met with 2 fully rebuilt carbs that looked and operated like they were brand new. I can 100% authenticate if you need your Carbs restoring with peace of mind, Paul is the Man you want. I cannot recommend him enough. Thanks again Paul, your a Star!"

    Mark Thorley

There's nothing else quite like a classic...

There is something about classic cars that you and I understand, something about the induviduality, the sound, the all combines to make us so passionate about classics. And it's in the detail that we care; authenticity in every respect, wherever possible...

Inherent with the classics, there are times when TLC is needed; many of us carry out the work ourselves but there are some jobs that need an expert. And therein is the dilemma; who do you choose that will carry out the work with the same level of care and attention as you would? How do you find someone that shares your passion? The last thing you want is to entrust your pride and joy to someone who doesn't deliver the quality and service you need.

I know...I understand...I am a classic car enthusiast too!

In fact, I've been a classic car enthusiast for over 20 years and for me, it's all in the detail which is why I started my business...

I have been flattered by compliments received over the years about the restoration work I've carried out, especially on carburettors. Positive comments from enthusiasts who have had poor experiences with so called 'professional' restorers and have kindly told me that the quality, finish and attention to detail in what I do is the best they have seen. (I have also developed some unique techniques which sets the quality of my work apart from other carburettor reconditioners).

I have a real passion for restoring parts and keeping classic cars on the road - with these two facts combined Weber Carb Reconditioning Services was born and the positive feedback that I continue to receive from my customers is the real drive behind what I do I and why I do it. I also believe in offering excellent customer service care - if you have any questions or requests I will give you 100% attention.

I'd welcome the opportunity of helping you with your carburettor.

My name is Paul, I'm based in Essex in the UK and you can
call me on 07976 985477.