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Weber Carburettor Refurbishment

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Over the years I have refurbished many Weber Carbs that have been completely seized, chokes and venturis stuck inside the bodies and pump rods seized. But with years of perfecting and creating my carb refurbishment techniques, I have mastered how to strip down even the most stubborn & seized carbs.

Unless carbs are physically damaged beyond repair they are never passed refurbishment - I can also repair damaged threads in the top and bottom cover screw hole with Helicoils if necessary, as you can see from the Gallery page the transformation can be dramatic.

All the before and after pictures are taken by me and are 100% genuine (and not only do they look like new on the outside, they are also fully functional on the inside!)

Please feel free to contact me with your requirements or send me any of your carbs that you would like refurbished.

Weber Carburettor Refurbishment